Cinema has been shown in Ventspils Old Town, Pils Street 28, for more than 100 years. The cinema building is closely connected with the making of the first feature film "Where Which" made in Latvia, the director was the original owner Gilioms Berlin. The roles were told by Ventspils theater actors and cinema staff. The cinema was formerly known as the North Pole. Later it was only renamed "Colosseum", "Aina", "Komjaunieti"! Since 1997, the cinema has acquired its new name - cinema "RIO".

Step by step, the cinema was upgraded at its own expense. In the spring of 2013, extensive reconstruction and digitization works took place in the big hall of the cinema. In addition, an improvement was made to the sound system and a modern cinema screen was installed, which allows viewers to enjoy a high-quality picture and sound effects. In the winter of 2014, only the small hall was completely rebuilt and renovated, so that viewers could see an even wider film in the film construction.

There are currently two halls in the cinema "RIO": a large hall with a total number of seats - 240 seats and a small hall with a total number of seats - 90 seats. Consideration has also been given to the comfort of the spectators, which everyone can enjoy in the new chair and comfortable. A big surprise for those who love to watch movies on the balcony. Now the balcony of the cinema "RIO" has a VIP area with comfortable chairs and double sofas, which allows you to enjoy the latest movies with more comfort.

Cinema "RIO" is not responsible
  • for customer private belongings
Customer's responsibilities
  • keep the movie ticket until the end of the show
  • upon receiving the 3D glasses, check their technical condition and inform the cinema staff immediately when detecting defects. If the defects are applied for after entering the cinema, they will be considered by the cinema as created by the customer itself
  • when leaving the cinema, 3D glasses must be handed over to cinema staff
It is forbidden in the cinema "RIO"
  • bring food and beverages purchased outside the cinema
  • bring cold weapons and firearms
  • smoke
  • to talk on a mobile phone
  • to film and photograph without prior approval of the cinema administration
  • ride a skateboard, rollerblade or bicycle
  • to come in with animals
  • disturb other visitors - disregard public order
  • walk around the hall during the session
  • throw on the floor or leave different garbage on chairs
  • break or damage the cinema property, put your feet on the chairs
  • be under the influence of drugs or other psychotropic substances
  • it is forbidden to bring large bags and items that prevent other customers from going between the lines, thus endangering people's lives in the event of an evacuation
  • it is forbidden to disturb other visitors to enjoy the cinema
  • it is forbidden to place any objects near the projector window and touch the projector window
The cinema has the right
  • in case of damage or loss of 3D glasses - a contractual penalty of 30 EUR
  • require the presentation of an identity document when purchasing a ticket for age-restricted films or a children's ticket
  • not to sell tickets for age-restricted films to persons under that age, even if accompanied by an adult
  • not to sell tickets to persons with obvious signs of intoxication and to persons who do not observe public order
  • not to sell tickets to under-dressed people ( for example, beach wear ) and people with severe personal hygiene problems
  • inspect suspicious bags, items, etc.
  • expel from the cinema people who have tried to defraud the company without refunding them a ticket
  • to expel from the cinema persons who violate the internal rules of the cinema's customers without refunding them the money for the cinema ticket. In the event of a more serious offense, detain the offender until the police arrive
  • not to sell a ticket to persons who have previously violated the internal rules of the cinema's customers or caught trying to defraud.
Cinema "RIO" recommends
  • do not bring babies to the cinema as loud sounds can make them cry
  • contact the cinema staff and inform about persons who violate the internal rules of the cinema's clients