Yolki Novie

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Yolki Novie
(Ёлки новые )

1.26 min

Release year: 2017

Genres: Comedy

Directors: Timur Bekmambetov, Zhora Kryzhovnikov, Aleksandr Karpilovskiy, Aleksey Nuzhnyy

Stars: Sergey Svetlakov, Ivan Urgant, Dmitriy Nagiev, Konstantin Khabenskiy, Elena Yakovleva, Yuliya Aleksandrova, Valentina Mazunina, Ekaterina Klimova, Daniil Vakhrushev, Andrey Burkovskiy



About movie

Here are five stories. The first story is about the old friendship between Boris and Zhenya, the second is about the pregnant Snowhite, who is looking for the answers to her questions. The third story tells about the enamored Galina, who is determined to spend New Year's Eve with her beloved person, and the fourth - about testing the strength of a young hipster on a hike into the forest to get the spruce. These people are united by the search for eternal values and a little boy from Khabarovsk...

In kino from: 22.12.2017

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